Today, social media is the place to be – whether it’s through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest – having the world at your fingertips is the best plan.

By using the latest tools – Canva, Mailchimp, Tailwind and other promotional materials – Line By Line Communications will save business owners the hassle of trying to promote their own products/needs and allow them to concentrate solely on their customers andsocial-media-763731_960_720 services. There aren’t enough hours in the day for one person to do it all.

Allow Line By Line Communications to be the behind-the-scene-operator of your social media outlets. Line By Line Communications will provide a social media campaign that will include marketing strategies, graphic design, social sharing, social ads and client outreach.

Ten (10) posts per week for four weeks is $400 for one month flat rate or five (5) posts per week for four weeks at $200 for one month flat rate.


Fliers are a great way to promote an event. A tri-fold brochure is the most practical way to inform others of your services. And, if you’d like to keep your viewers up-to-date on a weekly/monthly basis, an electronic newsletter is the best way to go!

Fliers are $100 (flat rate)

Tri-Fold Brochures are $150 (one-time flat rate unless editing is needed in the future, an additional fee will be applied)

Electronic Newsletters are $150 for the start-up of a template. All newsletters will be created using Mailchimp. An additional charge of $50-$75 (depending on size/length of newsletter and turn-around-time) will be applied for each additional electronic newsletter created based on the template created.

(Electronic Newsletter Prices are subject to change based on need/design.)

(Client will be in charge of contacting a printing company for fliers and tri-folds)


Entails interviewing client and developing an article that he/she will then be able to share with others on social media or through other media outlets/agencies. The client would then own the rights to the article/letter.

Cost starts at $200.


Business cards, as well as appointment cards and simple Thank You cards are ideal for all businesses.

Business cards/Appointment cards are $75 (flat rate)

Thank You cards/stationary are $50 (flat rate)

(Client will be in charge of contacting a printing company)


Allow Line By Line Communications to upgrade your current resume. With a quick turnaround time of three days, Line By Line Communications can have you applying for Dream job picjobs within days.

Line By Line Communications creates resumes that are eye-catchy, word-savvy and appealing to human resource directors and directors alike.

Resumes start at $50 (Cost may increase if client has a 5-page resume as Line By Line Communications creates 1-page resumes as most HR companies prefer only 1-page resumes)

Cover Letters are $60 (flat rate) due to the nature of writing a cover letter takes more time.


The best way to stay connected to your customers/clients/followers is through an easy-to-websitesuse website. User-friendly websites are the key to Internet success for all business. Websites that are clean and clutter-free allow for people of all ages to find what they need in a quick fashion.

Line By Line Communications has the ability to create a website using WordPress.

Cost to create a website starts at $400, with the client having to decide if he/she wants to upgrade the site for an additional $100. (Typically, all businesses should plan on buying the Business Plan from WordPress to eliminate pesky ads. The Business Plan also allows for client to own the rights to a domain or move a domain.) Therefore, total cost to create a website is $500 to the client. Line By Line Communications will maintain the website for an additional $30 per hour worked on the site, if needed. (This fee may change if the website needs revamped and it takes longer than one hour. Fee to be discussed between Line By Line Communications and client.)

For more information or a quote, email Line By Line Communications at or call/text 440-315-7303.

Line By Line Communications is located in Lorain County, Ohio, but has the ability to help customers all over. Together, we can help you achieve success … Line By Line.