Resumes – times are changing


After graduating from college in 2000, the first project I undertook was creating a resume.

It was enough to land me my first job at a local newspaper, but over the years, the format of resumes has drifted from drab to dazzling.

But not in the way you think.

Resumes along with their counterpart – the cover letter – are the first pieces of information potential employers read before making contact with a person to schedule a job interview.

In the past, resumes read like a paperback novel – detailing every single job a person had from the time they left high school or college until the present. Resumes included vast amounts of information in sentence format.

And, this took time to not only read, but create.

Time that many people and employers do not have.

Time is of the essence to get new employees into companies.

But just as times have changed, so have resume formats.

Gone are the days of words covering a page from top to bottom with a thin line separating the profile, experience, education and skill sets.

Today, resumes are bold and include key words that stand out when being scanned over.

Resumes even include photographs, websites and social media accounts.

And it’s all done to catch the attention of those reading the resumes.

If you are in need of a resume redo, contact me today at and together, we can put you on the right path to success.